Real Estate Agents: Are They Necessary

Whether buying a new home or moving to a new town, selling your house can be one of the biggest problems one goes through. After all the effort you put into moving out, selecting your dream home and moving there, you need the money from your house and want the most out of it. As the time has progressed and the real estate market has connected globally through networking, people encounter real estate investors more often than they used to. The traditional culture of hiring a real estate agent and paying them a part of what your house is worth has become obsolete due to many reasons. People are interested in interacting with real estate investors and want the best out of their property. Here’s why you should steer clear of real estate agents to sell your property –

The Heavy Commission

Some real estate agents are amazing at what they do and can convince the buyers in a matter of minutes to purchase your property. But few among you may really see the value in it since the real estate agents charge a fair amount of commission based on percentage (which can be about 6%). It can take a large chunk out of your property returns and seems just too much for a middleman job.

Hide Important Facts

As middlemen, it is the duty of the real estate agents to transfer information from one party to another. However, in most of the cases they don't facilitate the seamless transfer of information between the buyer and seller. At times, they may mislead both buyer and seller or either of them in order to maximize their profit. As the consequence, either the buyer or the seller or both of them suffer loss. In most of the cases, it is the innocent seller who ends up as the loser.

These are some of the many reasons seller often aren’t comfortable selling their properties through real estate agents since that lack of freedom and heavy commissions are just not worth it. This is the main reason real estate investors are directly getting in touch with the sellers which not only creates transparency but also provides quick funds when you are need.

Flexible Payment And Cash Offers

Investors can provide you with different payment methods such as cash, pre-scheduled payments and certified funds or may even take over your existing mortgage if they want to. With multiple payment solutions, you can get your money in the way you want it.

You Can Sell “As Is”

Your usual real estate agent may not even put your house on the market without trying to encourage you to do repairs. If there is some repair work or damages that need to be taken care of, this will add to more expense on your part. On the other hand when selling to a real estate investor, you are not obligated to make the fixes and can sell your house in its present condition.

So save yourself the trouble as well as money looking for a real estate agent to sell your property. With a little help from us, we can get that cash in your hands so that you can move on.

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