Sell Your House

If you sell your house without the use of a realtor you can definitely save tens of thousands of money on commission fees. However, selling isn’t as easy as what some sellers think it is. If you want to get full retail value for your house it takes a whole lot of work, plenty of knowledge and the right amount of patience. These are some reasons why others opt to get an agent so if it’s your first time selling your home, planning it ahead of time will always be a good start. Here are some of the first few steps one can take to make the process a whole lot better.

Clean your house. Once you finally decide to sell your home, thoroughly clean every corner of it. Don’t skip the rarely cleaned spots like roof gutters and blinds. Get rid of any unnecessary junk to give more space to your house. Buyers want to see themselves inside the house so freeing up more space would give them a better picture. Keeping everything clean will not only make a good impression to buyers but also help an appraiser see your house in a better light and give more value to it.

Set a realistic price when you sell your house. Yes, we all want to get as much as possible for our homes but setting a price too high it becomes unrealistic would only send those buyers away, so price it right from the start. Some sellers have this idea of pricing it high initially and then lowering it later if the house doesn’t sell. But then this could lead to a slower sale and many house buyers or agents will stay away assuming you’re not at all serious about selling or not willing to negotiate. Have a professional evaluate your property so that you get a reference point if a buyer accuses you of overpricing it.

When you sell your house, set a home inspection before advertising it. Most real estate contracts give buyers the right to have your home inspected and oblige you to make the necessary repairs to the foundation, roof, interiors and exteriors.

These steps are very helpful when you really plan to sell your house at full market price, but of course, there’s always another option, an easier, less stressful and definitely a faster way. And yes, Arlington Cash House Buyer can definitely help you fulfill it. We are experts in real estate and we have been in the real estate industry buying and selling homes right here in Arlington TX since the mid ‘70s. We buy multiple properties a month for all cash and we also use other flexible payment options. You don’t have to worry about real estate agent’s fees or other hidden charges, which you will have when working with real estate agents and the best part is you avoid spending for repair and updates. We buy houses in as is condition, in any situation, making the entire process easy for you. We offer fair prices depending on the condition of your home, the estimated cost for repair and its current market value along with other houses in the neighborhood. We pay cash and close quickly. You can never go wrong with us, so not unless you are an expert and wants to sell your house on your own, then talk to us and we will be happy to help you!

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